Home is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting work by Vanessa Stockard in our 2018 Invitational exhibition opening in June.

“…twenty years of introspection and experimentation, ranging over a number of media, have forged Vanessa’s style and craft, enabling her to reveal complex misdemeanours, while simultaneously demanding the viewer’s self-reflection. She deals with isolation and sadness with intimate care and attention…the deceptive everyday nature of her subject matter belies hidden depths of relationship, feeling and emotion. One could describe her process as absence of thought, a freedom of construct, not unlike the stream of consciousness associated with authors such as Hemmingway and Thomas Wolfe…these works are more like innocent and delicate poems, whispering untold truths with an economy of words…”

Vanessa’s work will be exhibited in our upstairs gallery alongside works by Justin Mortimer, Yvette Coppersmith, Ricky Swallow, Chelsea Lehmann, Nuan Ho, Tony Garifalakis and Natasha Walsh.

Pictured is self portrait as bust (detail), oil on birch, 50x50cm