Home is thrilled to be exhibiting a work by Tamara Dean in our ‘The Portrait’ exhibition in August. The work titled ‘Conor’ is from Tamara’s 2015 series, ‘About Face’.

“My best friend once told me I have the best of both worlds, not being able to identify to one sex but flowing in and out of them and knowing my sexuality. It is still hard when people are crude or uninformed, however I have learnt that this is not my issue, it’s theirs. This is still something I work on every single day, not taking on other people’s problems, and my androgynous “look” is an asset instead of a burden.”  Conor

“There is an arresting beauty in androgyny.

Androgyny challenges our cultural conceptions of femininity and masculinity. The questions that often arise – “Are you a boy or a girl?” or “are you a man or a woman?” – suggest that gender stereotypes, learned behaviour and cultural prejudices can influence the way we perceive and in turn relate to people. For me androgyny can be perceived as a universal face of humanity…”

Tamara Dean has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally. Her works are held in Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra ACT, Francis J. Greenburger Collection, New York, Artbank, Art Gallery of South Australia, The Mordant Family Collection, Australia, Tweed River Gallery, Neil Balnaves Collection, Australia, ArtOmi Collection, New York and Gold Coast City Art Gallery.

Tamara Dean appears courtesy of Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney.

Tamara Dean, Conor, from the 2015 series ‘About Face’. Image courtesy of the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney