Home is pleased to be exhibiting work by Sarah Edmondson in an upcoming group show opening on Wednesday the 26th of April. The show will also feature work by Anthony Bartok, Sassy Park and Sean Wadey.

“…Researching the unpredictable in connection to digital and neurological glitches led me to develop techniques that contradict the speed of technology, consequently slow stitching processes have become my primary practice. Utilising various textile materials, I employ repetitive stitching and tufting techniques to evoke a sense of time while rethinking pixelation. A lifelong interest in language and typefaces has led me to use text to reference the transfer of information; corresponding to neurons sending messages to and from the brain and computer networks. In my work words are released from the constraints of language, distorted in a manner recalling the reCAPTCHA puzzle which appears when a website asks whether we are, in fact, a robot.
Memory plays an important role in my work, I am concerned with how it works, what we remember and what remains forgotten. I express this through the idea of glitches and my work shows parts of words and letters, some things are present and some absent. Seeing parallels between corrupted digital files and disruption to my own neural pathways I produce glitchy compositions. A futuristic feel pulses through the work with brightly coloured, fluorescent, and iridescent threads and faux fur…”

Pictured is She Said, 2019, wool, nylon, faux fur and reflective fabric on canvas.

Sarah Edmondson, She Said, 2019, wool, nylon, faux fur and reflective fabric on canvas.