Home@735 Gallery is pleased to announce that Sydney artist Ron Adams will be exhibiting a work in our ‘Colour & Form’ Show opening on Thursday March the 1st 2018.

“Psychological  animated geometric abstraction.”

For Ron Adams, form comes through the careful interplay of colour, geometry and text. He constructs common universal symbols with a positive chromatic intensity. His works gesture towards the act of painting as well as the influences of modernism, formalism and pop art, but always with irony and good humour. His small but perfectly formed acrylic geometrical paintings use a strict and controlled compositional methodology with brightly hued, richly contrasting colours and shapes.

Ron Adams has exhibited widely in Australia at artist run, commercial and regional galleries, including C3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, UTS Gallery, Dubbo Regional, Blacktown Arts Centre, Rubyayre, Blaugrau, Firstdraft Gallery, Peloton, Kaliman Gallery, Sherman Galleries, James Dorahy Project Space, Sarah Cottier Gallery, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, University of Southern Queensland and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Adams has produced commissioned artworks for Tiger Beer, the English pop band Autoheart, and the Barangaroo offices of Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Ron Adams is represented by Galerie pompom, Sydney.

Lucky Strike for Nicola, 2017, Acrylic on MDF