Home is thrilled to be exhibiting new works from the studio of Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier in September. The work including flags, collapsed chair, painted record covers, and solvent transfers on canvas; drawn from multiple branches of their current practice.

The Flags are a series of works refashioned from 1960’s vintage French tents. The material subs in for painted canvas, with colours associated to an infamous summer of love, and global civil uprising.

The collapsed chair, Unrest, looks at the chair as a system representative of an individual. Building and breaking become a means of abstraction. The function of the chair is lost by making it both painting, and sculpture. The push and pull between surface and structure is an inconsistent commitment to the object, and the mechanism of its reception.

This will be the first in a series of monthly online exhibition at Home.

Pictured is Unrest (Pink), 2020, collapsed wooden chair, acrylic paint.

Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier, Unrest (Pink), 2020, collapsed wooden chair, acrylic paint.