“…by a small village along the coast, a 10-year-old boy is killed by a passing car. Waiting for someone to take him away.

Three hours later, we’re still waiting. Family howling in a house by the road. And the father … If pain had a sound. I did not know at first if they were people or wolves. The older onlookers wince; they know that sound well. It comes with the territory, it seems.

Younger people laugh nervously… They will not remember the inappropriateness of their behaviour when their time comes to experience pain like that. There’s a dandelion by the road. I take a picture. Don’t know what else to do. More screams. The old man standing in front of me bends over and picks up the flower.

Gently, he blows.

starigrad | Croatia

Image and text taken from YU: The Lost Country by Dragana Jurišić

I’m curating the exhibition ‘Memory Betrays Everybody’ at the Black Box at UNSW Art & Design. The exhibition will feature the work of two artists – ex-Yugoslav Dublin based photographer and writer Dragana Jurišić and Sydney based artist Biljana Jančić.

The show runs from Tuesday the 28th of May to Saturday the 1st of June – please join me for opening drinks on Thursday the 30th from 5-8pm.

Dragana Jurisic’s YU: The Lost Country guides the viewer through a pilgrimage, unfolding before them a myriad of lives and emotions onto the map of where Yugoslavia once lay. Through-out the series of photographs documenting new life and the remnants of past atrocities in the former conglomerate, Jurišić rhythmically inserts with almost Wes Anderson-like technicolour shots of her travel reading, where sprawling diary notes live in the margins telling of the encounters which shook, infuriated and moved her. Often filled with anger, these contrast against the awesome range of emotions captured in her photography, where domesticity, townsfolk, dereliction and grandeur sit side by side. The quest for her past runs throughout, borne from the jarring assertion that “Yugoslavia’, “Is there any such country?”, “No but that’s where I’m from.” – Jack Gibson for LeCool, September 2014.

Image and text taken from YU: The Lost Country by Dragana Jurišić