Home is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting painting by Melbourne-based artist Nicholas Ives in our ‘Melbourne Comes to Sydney’ show during Art Month.

Nicholas explores within his work realms of the Absurd and the Carnivalesque through a primarily figurative form. His works flow across the borders of portraiture into abstract qualities, encouraging unexpected outcomes and collisions – encounters of the material surface and the imaginings of unknown painterly worlds.

My works are human-scaled, at times intimate, explorative and personal, with heavy importance on the material and felt aspects the painting process. Time allows the pieces to change and fluctuate. There’s a rapture and absurdity to making these paintings, revealing an ebb and flow of studio process that making drives the work itself. I liken my practice to something that is elusive, adaptive and evolving; operating within the fluid nature of paint…”

Pictured is If you’re lonely eat a sandwich, 2014, oil on linen.

Nicholas Ives appears courtesy of Blackart Projects, Melbourne.

Nicholas Ives, If you’re lonely eat a sandwich, 2014, oil on linen.