Home is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting work by Melbourne artist Sarah CrowEST in our ‘Materiality’ show opening in October.

“…Sarah crowEST has a daily studio practice of painting with occasional forays into screen-printing and stitching. An ongoing project sees crowEST tending to the 100 strap-on paintings circulating around the world that she made between 2012 and 2018. crowEST incrementally builds up the surfaces of her paintings by contrasting strong, precise, rectilinear forms with accidental or indiscriminate mark-making and text. These accumulated marks dwell in the liminal space between happenstance and fate, with creative decisions in the studio perhaps serving as a metaphor for chance and destiny in life. This strategic and yet loose, approach to art making, interwoven with the vagaries of everyday life, allows crowEST to tackle doubt and sustain a constant creative flow…”

Her work is held in City of Port Phillip Art Collection, Ararat Gallery TAMA, Victoria, Art Gallery of South Australia, University of SA Art Collection, National Gallery of Victoria, Queensland Art Gallery, Okayama Prefectural Government, Japan, Stanthorpe Art Gallery, Queensland, The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences.

artwork by Sarah CrowEST