Opening next Friday the 3rd at 55 Sydenham  – ‘Darlinghurst Eats Its Young’ – a collaborative work by Michael Filocamo and Madeleine Preston. Also exhibiting new work by Simon Yates.

‘Outbreaks of nostalgia often follow revolutions; the French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution, and the “Velvet” revolutions in Eastern Europe were accompanied by political and cultural manifestations of longing. In France it was not only the ancien régime that produced revolution, but, in some respect, the revolution that produced the ancien régime, giving it a shape, a sense of closure, and a gilded aura.’ Svetlana Boym – Nostalgia and its discontents.

‘Darlinghurst Eats its Young’ is a poetic meditation on gentrification, nostalgia and image saturation under the sign of technology. The collaboration between Michael Filocamo and Madeleine Preston began over 3 years ago and explores the implications of gentrification, technology and the digital revolution on the past. The nostalgic reactions to previous Darlinghurst exhibitions by those too young to have been born in the 1980s became the departure point for this collaborative project. The work aims to provoke a reassessment of what makes community and place, images and longing. This exhibition documents that process to date and includes documentation from previous ‘Darlinghurst Eats its Young’ exhibitions as well as the collaborative documentary of super 8 and digital video footage.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Still from upcoming film 'Darlinghurst Eats Its Young' by Michael Filocamo and Madeleine Preston
Still from upcoming film ‘Darlinghurst Eats Its Young’ by Michael Filocamo and Madeleine Preston