Home@735 is pleased to announce artist Louise Tuckwell will be exhibiting a new body of work in our July exhibition opening Thursday the 17th July.
Tuckwell a skilled painter uses acrylic paint for its flat matte properties and erasure of brushstrokes. She builds up thin layers to create richly coloured shapes that are juxtaposed with others, to produce cleanly defined forms on multi-panelled works. The abstract shapes within the work are both spontaneous and considered, directing the viewers’ eye and evoking an emotional response.
Tuckwell is a Sydney based artist with a long exhibition history. She has exhibited with Tim Olsen Gallery and more recently with Damien Minton Gallery. Her initial training was at Julian Ashton’s and she subsequently graduated from the National Art School. Her work is represented in many private collections as well as the MCA, Artbank, New England Regional Art Museum and Allens corporate collection.

Louise Tuckwell, Afterfire, crylic on board, 480mmx330mm, 2014
Louise Tuckwell, Afterfire, acrylic on board, 480mmx330mm, 2014