Home will be exhibiting a suite of works by Melbourne artist Louise Gresswell in our April/May exhibition in 2019.

Louise graduated from RMIT in 2017 with a MFA and a BA Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art, London. She has had recent exhibitions at Rubicon and Tristian Koenig in Melbourne and was a finalist in this year’s The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize.

“…central to Gresswell’s work is the materiality of paint and surface as she investigates deeply personal histories and transfers that which is felt from hand to surface. The action of manipulating oil paint, the building up and covering of layers over time becomes a metaphor for the past. Sensory narratives are created through textured and rich surfaces with evidence of touch…the use of cutting, reassembling and suturing evokes vulnerability but also signifies a metaphor for defiance. Through subverting the tradition of painting and embracing imperfection, the paintings speak about wholeness and fragmentation, creating ‘fractured icons’…”

Pictured is Fractured (pink edge), oil on board.

Louise Gresswell, Fractured (pink edge), 2018, oil on board.