Home@735 Invitational closes on Sunday. Come along today and Sunday from 2-5pm to see ‘Hypnotised Into Being’ by Kate Mitchell showing in our video booth.

“…for this work Mitchell enlisted a hypnotist to induce her into a sub-conscious state and prompt her to respond to a selection of statements that she had earlier provided. Initially approaching the session with a degree of cynicism, the artist was later amazed that she had indeed been induced into a subliminal state. Mitchell physically enacts various prompts related to art history, critical discourse and her own practice, as if playing a game of charades in a hypnotised state…”

Pictured is a still from Hypnotised Into Being, (A Self Portrait) 2016, HD digital video 16:9, colour, no sound, Edition of 3 + 2 AP.

Kate Mitchell is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne and Chalk Horse Gallery in Sydney.

Kate Mitchell being a watercolour painting in ‘Hypnotised into Being’.