Home’s co-director Madeleine Preston has a solo exhibition opening July 25th at Galerie Pompom. The exhibition titled Intolerable Leisure is informed by her recent residency at the Cité.

“…I visited the Quai Branly Museum with its vast collection of art from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. The collection originates in what the museum calls ‘economic exchanges as the result of the first colonial expansion.’ What struck me most was that a large part if not most of the collection would have been amassed through theft and ‘economic exchanges’ that favoured the buyer – if an ‘exchange’ occurred at all. Like many European museums of its kind that are funded to study non-European cultures, the museum is a study in European expansionism and Imperialist attitudes to non-European cultures. Intolerable Leisure takes the idea of the museum as a cipher for violence and history to talk about how museums continue to be used to tell specific stories…’

Pictured is – Kiaapaatt masks, collected in 1934 from Greenland