Glass artist Ngaio Fitzpatrick will be exhibiting a glass installation and video work in tonight’s 29.10.14 opening. Ngaio graduated from the Australian National University, with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) in 2013.

“I am a multimedia artist working with video, photography and industrial glass to create imagery that juxtaposes brutality and fragility, and expresses my concern with the increasingly destructive impact of humans on the natural world.

I source massive sheets of redundant toughened industrial glass from manufacturers and building sites weighing up to 40 kilos each. I take them to industrial or natural locations, where they are placed in the landscape or lifted up using machinery and then film the process of releasing and shattering the sheets. Crystalline moments of contact, fracture and dispersal are isolated to symbolise the tensions between built and natural environments.
To me the sheet of glass represents the human interface with the natural world, the tough yet fragile membrane protecting humans from the forces of nature but not protecting nature from the forces of humanity”.

'Distopian Spires' glass installation and 'A lightness of Being' video work by Ngaio Fitzpatrick
‘Distopian Spires’ glass installation and ‘A lightness of Being’ video work by Ngaio Fitzpatrick
'Distopian Spires' glass installation (detail).
‘Distopian Spires’ glass installation (detail).