Home is pleased to announce we will be showing work by Elvis Richardson in our ‘Melbourne Comes to Sydney’ exhibition in March 2019. The show will be our Art Month exhibition and feature works by a great group of Melbourne artists.

Pictured is one of the works from Elvis Richardson’s ‘Settlement’ series she will be exhibiting in the ‘DECADE’ exhibition – celebrating 10 years of Hugo Michell Gallery – opening on the 20th of November.

“…A voyeur of sorts, Elvis Richardson savours the intimacies of others, collecting and curating imagery from public repositories to explore emotionally and politically charged narratives….selected via For Sale search criteria results for “2-bedroom house – less than $250,000 – anywhere in Australia”, these flat, low resolution, mostly amateur images are surprisingly powerful. Posted over an 18-month period without comment, they elicited a range of responses from nostalgia for childhood familiarity, humour with a touch of moral judgement; empathy for the embedded tragedy; to tenancy enquiries and critiques of disruption and movement in late neoliberal capitalism…the images of interiors from Richardson’s series – Settlement – are both personally and socioeconomically reflective. They document the dilemma of the artist; the place of home in our national psyche; and the effect of lives in transition. Usually we settle with an economic transaction, however Richardson disrupts the intent of real estate marketing. Settlement’s deeply layered narratives offer the choice to settle for a vacant lot or resettle it for our own ends…” From the essay ‘everyone works but the vacant lot’ by Melinda Rackham

Elvis Richardson is represented in Sydney by Galerie Pompom

Elvis Richardson, Settlement, 2018.