Home is thrilled to be exhibiting painting by Melbourne artist Ebony Truscott in our ‘Melbourne Comes to Sydney’ show opening on Thursday the 7th of March during Art Month.

“…I paint and draw objects from direct observation and can’t shake the fact that my message and medium are utterly merged. My primary material, oil paint, has a character at once heavy and luminious – it’s made, for the most part, by rock, mineral and metal. It is in constant flux, never being fully dry only further polymerized. Linen too, is never truly at rest and expands and contracts according to temperature and humidity. I like that still life, a genre concerned with the merciless passing of time, about stillness and mortality should be associated with such quietly restless materials.  I’m curious about how light strikes, is absorbed and scattered by what are usually variants on basic geometric solids; cones, spheres, bricks, cylinders, for instance. And I wonder about how to suggest non-visual phenomena too – like weight, sound, or density.  All this, I feel an almost forensic pull of inquiry towards. Yet there is something that emerges from the labour of this research, that looks grim, melancholy. I’m not sure about this, it’s a type of expression I suppose. I intend to depict coolly and truthfully but a looming sense of something sad and ambivalent turns up too…”

Pictured is Bowl brick and paper cone, 2017, oil on linen.

Ebony Truscott, Bowl brick and paper cone, 2017, oil on linen