Home@735 Gallery director Madeleine Preston has a show opening this Friday the 3rd at 55 Sydenham from 6pm.

Darlinghurst Eats its Young (DEIY) is a poetic meditation on gentrification, nostalgia and image saturation under the sign of technology. The collaboration between Michael Filocamo and Madeleine Preston began over 3 years ago and explores the implications of gentrification, and the digital revolution on the past. The 55 Sydenham Road exhibition documents that process to date and includes documentation from the 5 previous Darlinghurst Eats its Young exhibitions and their online responses as well as the trailer for the collaborative DEIY documentary.

The footage was shot over a period of 3 days with a cast and crew of over 20 people and charts the last hours of Madeleine’s friend Maggie’s life. Over the course of the 3 weeks of the exhibition Madeleine will be working on ideas for the edit and creating an installation of documentation of the project since its inception in 2010.

Trailer credits: Producer/Director – Madeleine Preston, Cinematographer – Michael Filocamo, Sound Design – Ashley Scott

Also opening on Friday – new work by Simon Yates.