Home is thrilled to be exhibiting work by Sydney artist Cherine Fahd in our ‘The Portrait’ exhibition. Opening in late August the show will also feature works by artists including Bill Henson, Sanné Mestrom, Heath Franco, Tamara Dean and Lynda Draper.

“…there is an unwritten contract that grief is private, unphotographable. Even in the family album it is kept hidden. Family albums celebrate our moments of togetherness; birthdays, holidays and weddings as well as ordinary moments of domestic life. But what of death? What of images of grief and loss?

Apókryphos is a response to rare photographs from my family archive. In this series, I offer a forensic examination of mourning and the physical ways in which emotions are visualised, experienced and witnessed. Using image and text I have reproduced 24 photographs taken in 1975 of my Grandfather’s funeral and burial. Using a numerical system of annotations and footnotes, I forensically yet intimately guide you through the mysteries of the event portrayed, offering a visual and literary response to the photographs and to the unknown status of the photographer…”

Pictured is one of the works from the Apókryphos series – part of The National 2019 at Carriageworks.

Cherine Fahd, from Apókryphos – part of The National 2019 at Carriageworks.