Currently completing her Master of Fine Arts at the National Art School, artist Belle Blau will be exhibiting work in our ‘Colour & Form’ show opening on Thursday the 1st of March.

“…Belle Blau is an interdisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her work begins in writing; using poetics as the starting point for the creation of both music and painting. In exploring the relationship between language and image, her words act as source material to generate new avenues of abstraction. By allowing subjectivity to infiltrate the self-referential purity of formalism, she subverts the traditional intentions of the genre: placing emphasis on the value of emotional experience over objectivity. Blau hijacks and reinvents the possibilities of reductionism, enacting a feminist expansion of the traditionally male movement.

Blau extends the boundaries of abstraction by employing its potential to “make physical” otherwise enigmatic aspects of human experience. What results is a visual conversation; paintings that stand alone yet speak to each other, of written complexities grasped through their distillation into image…”

Pictured is Whole Unto Itself, 2017, acrylic on canvas

Join us for drinks from 6-8pm on the Redfern/Chippendale precinct night during Art Month.

Belle Blau, Whole Unto Itself, 2017, acrylic on canvas