Home is pleased to be exhibiting works by Ali McCann in our ‘Melbourne Comes to Sydney’ show during Art Month. The show opens on Thursday March the 7th and runs till Sunday the 7th of April.

Ali’s upcoming exhibition – Οι νεοί – opens at Gertrude Contemporary on February the 8th.

“…situated between abstraction and representation, Ali McCann’s practice engages with the ideas of formalism, materiality, visual perception, and the aesthetics of pedagogy. Found objects, in the form of obsolete teaching aids, unfinished projects, discarded photographs and art materials, serve as departure points for explorations of colour, light, shape, form, and space. Her still-life arrangements undergo a succession of hybrid photographic processes to form uncanny and seemingly impossible renderings of the object within the picture plane. She draws on diverse sources such as foundational art history publications, outmoded art-and-design text books, 1970s amateur photography magazines, and also from her personal experience as a student and teacher. Her reimagining of educational aesthetics is imbued with a nostalgia for the primary, exploratory phase of the creative process…”

Ali McCann lives and works in Melbourne. She completed a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne). She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) and a Diploma of Education (University of Melbourne).

Since the early 2000’s she has exhibited in solo and group shows in Melbourne, Sydney and regional Victoria. Recent shows include Οι νεοίat Gertrude Contemporary (upcoming), Masks For Magicians (2018) at Caves, Polytechnic (2018) at Tristian Koenig,An Introduction to Liminal Aesthetics (2017) at c3 Contemporary Art Space and Throwing Off The Hump (2017) at Kings Artist Run.

Pictured is Polytechnic (Figure 3), 2018, digital C-Type print.

Ali McCann, Polytechnic (Figure 3), 2018, digital C-Type print.