Sydney based artist Adam Norton will be exhibiting a suite of portrait paintings in our upcoming show opening Thursday the 3rd of August. The portraits feature prominent figures from the ’60s involved in space research and UFO sightings.

Pictured is Dr Allen Hynek, 2010, acrylic on aluminium

“…in the late 1940s Hynek was hired by the US Airforce to help debunk the huge surge in reports of UFO sightings. Although initially sceptical, over the next few decades, he came to believe the scientific establishment were not taking the sightings seriously. He also devised a system of UFO classification, from a close encounter of the first kind, an apparent sighting of a UFO at a distance, through to a close encounter of the fourth kind, which is direct physical contact with an alien…”

Adam Norton, Dr Allen Hynek, 2010, acrylic on aluminium